Is Hijamah Painful?

Hijamah is very good to prevent stroke and hypertension. In Hijamah, your clogged dirty blood is removed from your body. But is Hijamah Painful?

The answer is: No!
If you don’t believe just, just look the 6 year old boy below:
While getting Hijamah, he still could smile and gave 2 thumbs up.

Hijamah’s lancet is very small and short. Only around 2 mm. The lancet penetrates into skin only 0.2 mm depth. And it’s only less then 1/10 second.

Compared to injection shot that could be 20 mm depth and more than 20 seconds, Hijamah is not painful at all.

Irfan (8 years old) is singing a song while having Hijama therapy:

Hijamah/Bekam is much less painful than being shot by a needle or getting infusion

After Hijamah/Bekam, your fatigue or stiff nect will be away (at least reduced)


Satu Tanggapan

  1. I’ve tried this therapy, but not until the bloodletting!
    Can it pierced the corresponding part bekam
    complained about??
    Mencegah Infeksi
    karena Luka

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