Curing Headache with Hijama


Alhamdulillah for treating headaches, wet cupping (Hijama) is very effective. Several times the person whose head was dizzy, recovered after getting Hijama therapy (wet cupping). There is a cupping in the head that healed immediately even though he had had a headache for decades since graduating from elementary school because when he was toddler had fallen on the head, there is also after 2-3 times cupping dizziness  disappeared due to very high blood pressure. Above 200.

Mas Yanton (19 years old) had a headache because he hit the wall. After that, he often bumped his head when he wanted to get on a car. Academic Performance on campus also declined due to dizziness in the head.

Alhamdulillah, after Hijama for about 40 minutes, there is a SIGNIFICANT change, although it is not 100% cured. The following week cupping can be done again to treat the rest

Before cupping, this Yanton was very tense and scared. Because he was very afraid of injection. Does it hurt? He asked.

Just like being bitten by an ant, I said. There are some differences between cupping needles compared with needle injections or infusions. If the syringe or infusion is large and long. The deep prick can reach the veins. The prick is also long. If the injection can be more than 30 seconds. With infusion, you get the needle all day long.

If the cupping needle is only 0.2 mm puncture only. The duration is also at most 1/20 seconds. Almost not felts for normal people.

After hijama he said: “Oh, is that all?” After that he calmed down. My friend who is afraid of needles due to trauma due to 2x syringes broken when injected until the rest of the needle must be removed from his skin with tweezers, after I pricked with a cupping needle, he grinned with a smile. Apparently it doesn’t hurt like injecting.

[06:04, 1/11/2020] Agus N: Assalamu alaikum wr wb
How about you Yanton, head still dizzy?
Does your back still hurt?

[08:42, 1/11/2020] Pas Yanton 2000: Waalaikumussalam ustadz. Alhamdulillah there have been significant changes in the cleric, God willing, waiting for the cleric


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