Bekam Membuang Causative Pathological Substances (CPS)

Bekam Membuang Causative Pathological Substances (CPS)
Satu fungsi bekam adalah membuang causative pathological substances (CPS). Zat penyebab penyakit.

Apa saja?
Bisa darah mati, darah rusak, toxin, radikal bebas, dsb. CPS ini bisa menimbulkan berbagai penyakit seperti darah tinggi, stroke, diabetes, autoimun, lipoma, tumor, kanker, dsb

Ameliorating Role Exerted by Al-Hijamah in Autoimmune Diseases: Effect on Serum Autoantibodies and Inflammatory Mediators.
Baghdadi H1, Abdel-Aziz N2, Ahmed NS3, Mahmoud HS4, Barghash A5, Nasrat A6, Nabo MM7, El Sayed SM8.
Author information
Autoimmune diseases have common properties characterized by abnormal blood chemistry with high serum autoimmune antibodies, and inflammatory mediators. Those causative pathological substances (CPS) cannot be excreted by physiological mechanisms. Current treatments for autoimmune diseases involve steroids, cytotoxic drugs, plasmapheresis and monoclonal antibodies. Wet cupping therapy (WCT) of prophetic medicine is called Al-hijamah that treats numerous diseases having different etiology and pathogenesis via a pressure-dependent and size-dependent non-specific filtration then excretion of CPS causing clearance of blood and interstitial fluids. Al-hijamah clears blood passing through the fenestrated skin capillaries. Medical bases of Al-hijamah were reported in the evidence-based Taibah mechanism (Taibah theory). Al-hijamah was reported to be an excellent treatment for rheumatoid arthritis that improved patients’ blood chemistry and induced significant clinical improvement and pharmacological potentiation. Al-hijamah improved the natural immunity and suppressed the pathological immunity through decreasing the serum level of autoantibodies, inflammatory mediators, and serum ferritin (a key player in autoimmunity). Al-hijamah reduced significantly pain severity, number of swollen joints and disease activity with no significant side effects.


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