Curing Headache with Hijama


Alhamdulillah for treating headaches, wet cupping (Hijama) is very effective. Several times the person whose head was dizzy, recovered after getting Hijama therapy (wet cupping). There is a cupping in the head that healed immediately even though he had had a headache for decades since graduating from elementary school because when he was toddler had fallen on the head, there is also after 2-3 times cupping dizziness  disappeared due to very high blood pressure. Above 200.

Mas Yanton (19 years old) had a headache because he hit the wall. After that, he often bumped his head when he wanted to get on a car. Academic Performance on campus also declined due to dizziness in the head.

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How to Prevent Blister on Hijama



Blister on Hijama happen when you put the cupping glass too long (more than 10 minutes) and you pull the cupping glass to strong also the skin is too sensitive.

Do the dry cupping for 2 minutes and wet cup for 5 minutes. If you use Kangzhu Vacuum pump, the maximum pulling is 2.5 times. No more than 7 cupping glasses at a time in the body. The ideal number is 5.

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Curing Insomnia with Wet Blood Cupping (Hijama)


Maybe this is the reason why insomnia can be cured with wet blood cupping. Some are sleepy or fall  asleep when they are having Wet Cupping Therapy. There is also a young man have a good night sleep like tired people after having wet cupping therapy. Even though the medicine given by the doctor previously did not work.

It turns out that insomnia is related to blood. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) writes that Insomnia sufferers should check blood and there is a possibility of lack of oxygen in the blood.

Physical Exam

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Curing Vertigo and Migraine with Hijama (Blood Cupping)



Many patients with vertigo and migraine are healed with Hijama (blood cupping). One of the patient is Mr Aan Parhan (65 years old) who live on Swadaya Street, East of Jakarta. Mr. Aan said he used to cry because he cannot pray in the mosque for weeks. He cannot walk straightly since he has vertigo for months. His vision is spinning around. He get headaches.

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Photos and Video of Clogged Blood Removed by Hijama

At 45 years above we should eat “Healthy” food. Not delicious unhealthy food. But if we cannot eat delicious food, what is life for?

After eating goat meat at Happy Eid Day and got severe influensa, I have a very bad head ache. Neck and shoulders feel so stiff and fatigue. If I go to the doctor, it could cost tens of dollar. If go to the hospital, it could cause hundreds of dollar. In other countries, it could be more.

So getting Hijama (clogged blood removal) for 20 minutes is the right choice. After all getting drugs for a very long time is not good for our kidney. So Hijama is more natural.

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Remove the Toxins from Your Body with Blood Detox


A 7 year old kid get a Blood Detox Therapy 

Most of our Foods and Drinks today are poisonous because made of chemical things. Artificial or man made. Not natural things from God.

There are chemical or artifical flavours, chemical color for food, and chemical preservatives so the Foods or Drinks that we buy in the Super Market have the same color, the same taste, and could last for years in the store. Artificial taste, color, preservatives, etc. MSG, Aspartame, Pesticides, you name it. The natural foods usually will rot in a week. Foods that don’t rot in a week, usually poisonous because even the bacteria don’t want to eat them.

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Is Hijamah Painful?

Hijamah is very good to prevent stroke and hypertension. In Hijamah, your clogged dirty blood is removed from your body. But is Hijamah Painful?

The answer is: No!
If you don’t believe just, just look the 6 year old boy below:

How to Prevent and Cure Hypertension, Stroke, and Heart Attack with Hijamah (Cupping Therapy)

Pas Haryadi

Coronary Heart Disease, chronic illness in which the coronary arteries, the vessels that supply oxygen-carrying blood to the heart, become narrowed and unable to carry a normal amount of blood. Most often, the coronary arteries become narrowed because of atherosclerosis, a process in which fatty deposits called plaque build up on the inside wall of an artery.

Plaque is made of oily molecules known as cholesterol, fibrous proteins, calcium deposits, tiny blood cells known as platelets, and debris from dead cells. When its blood supply is reduced, the heart does not receive sufficient oxygen. This oxygen deficit leads to two main consequences: chest pain known as angina pectoris, and heart attack, in which part of the heart dies because of oxygen deprivation. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, responsible for about 515,000 deaths each year. (Encarta Encyclopedia)

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