Hijama Therapy Reduce Excessive Blood, Lower the Blood Pressure, Turn Abnormal Blood to Normal

Hijama Therapy can reduce excessive blood, lower the blood pressure and saving your veins from blown up, turn abnormal blood to normal. Hijama is good to prevent stroke and hypertension. Hijama also good to cure chronic headache, vertigo, and migraine. But you should have your head bald first just like if you do chemotherapy.

People with angina pectoris can feel relieve after getting Hijama Therapy.

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Curing Vertigo and Migraine with Hijama (Blood Cupping)



Many patients with vertigo and migraine are healed with Hijama (blood cupping). One of the patient is Mr Aan Parhan (65 years old) who live on Swadaya Street, East of Jakarta. Mr. Aan said he used to cry because he cannot pray in the mosque for weeks. He cannot walk straightly since he has vertigo for months. His vision is spinning around. He get headaches.

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